What we offer

Alphagora offers subscription access to automated cryptocurrency trading tools.

Quantitative Strategies

Users can subscribe to quantitative and machine learning algorithms that compute and issue market order signals.

Portfolio Management

With the Alphagora web application, users can manage multiple strategies for multiple assets all in one place.

Order Management

The Alphagora Order Management System automatically executes an algorithm's signals on a trader's exchange account.

How It Works

Alphagora allows cryptocurrency owners to subscribe to automated trading tools, similar to the tools that hedge funds use to trade stock. See historical performance data, choose the strategies that resonate with your risk preferences, and adjust trading limits.

Sign Up

Create an account using your name and email address.

Connect to an Exchange

Alphagora is not a hedge fund and never custodies your money. Keep your cryptocurrency on the exchanges you trust.

Select Strategies

Pick from a selection of signals developed and offered by some of the top data scientists in the world.

Set Trading Limits

Our Order Management System adjusts to your risk preferences and never trades outside of the limits you wish to set.

Track Performance

Access a personalized dashboard to track the performance of your portfolio and subscribe to new strategies.

That's It!

Sit back and manage your portfolio without the hassle of creating and executing your own strategies.

Alphagora executes trades automatically, so you never need to manually place buy / sell orders on exchanges.

Honors & Awards

2x Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship Startup Challenge Semifinalists

Snider Seed Prize & Round 2 Seed Prize

Penn Engineering Berkman Prize for Innovation

Wharton Innovation Fund Implementation Phase Award

EMRG Pitch Competition National Finalists

BlockchaingeDC Pitch Competition National Finalists

Wharton Entrepreneurship VIP-X Accelerator

Weiss Tech House Summer Accelerator


Institutional tools such as cross-exchange arbitrage, high-frequency trading, on-premise execution, and highest priority execution are available. Please reach out to institutions@alphagora.io to set up a meeting and discuss further.